Chasing the Perfect Little Black Dress: A Fashionable Hunt

I was buzzing with excitement as I stood at the top of the stairs. I adjusted my little black dress, grateful to have found the perfect outfit for the occasion. I was nervous too. Did I get it right? Could anyone else see what I felt? I felt fabulous.

Nervously, I descended the stairs, and suddenly, the other people in the room were quiet. All eyes turned to me. I held my head up high and continued down the stairs. All at once people started excitedly talking, they were talking to me, about me, and I knew…YES, they got it. They saw what I felt- and I FELT magnificent. Never before had I felt so good. All because of this little black dress.

As I sipped my drink and listened to the buzz around me, my thoughts wandered back to the weeks leading up to the party. I had scoured countless stores and online sites searching for the elusive little black dress for this event. I wanted something that would make me feel confident and stylish.

Just when I was about to give up, I stepped into a store where the racks were filled with all sorts of unique pieces. I began browsing through them, not really expecting to find anything. But, that’s when I saw it: a black item with an unusual asymmetrical neckline made out of tulle. I placed it in my cart and headed to the fitting rooms to try it on. Inside the fitting room, I was in for a surprise, this little black dress by Zara was unlike anything I had seen before. I couldn’t believe my luck in finding it. The detail was gorgeous and the cut was flattering. I knew this dress was coming home with me.

Of course everyone at the party was dying to know where I found this stunning little black dress. My little secret–I bought the dress at TJ Maxx. Yes, I am here to confess, I love to hunt for special pieces at off-price retail stores like TJ Maxx. Other stores in the U.S. like it include Marshalls, Ross Dress for Less and Burlington Coat Factory. Designer goods at discount prices circulate through these stores regularly so the store is never the same when I visit them. And for me, that’s what makes them so fun to shop in.

Although I’ve always loved shopping in off-price retail stores, I haven’t always done it in a healthy way. I used to shop with the mindset that if I found an item and it looked okay on me, as long as it was cheap enough, I had nothing to lose by buying it. Then, at the age of 55, I met my style coach Linda Potgieter of LindaPaige. She taught me that my shopping mindset was not helping me live up to my potential. She pointed out that over the years throwing away $10’s and $20’s at a time on bargain clothes that I did not love resulted in me ultimately spending hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, on clothes that did not serve me. Many of these items hung unworn in my closet or were worn only once and then fell apart. Not really bargains after all.

With Linda’s guidance, I evolved from a woman with a closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear” to one with a closet full of clothes that wrap me in joy and confidence. I don’t buy clothes anymore simply because they are a bargain. I only buy clothes now that are the right style for my body shape and that I love regardless of the price. Sometimes this means that I leave the store with nothing-GASP, I know! But if something is coming home with me now, I know it’s coming home with me because it is a prize worthy of the hunt.

Now that you’ve heard my LBD tale, tell me yours…it’ll be our little secret.

2 responses to “Chasing the Perfect Little Black Dress: A Fashionable Hunt”

  1. Jean-Marie,
    I LOVE this story❣️
    We are in AZ for part of the winter and I, too, LOVE the hunt❣️
    I scour the same stores for a steal of a deal❣️
    This dress is the BOMB on you. You rock it 210%❣️

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment. What places besides TJ Maxx do you frequent?

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