From Jumpsuit Skeptic to Jumpsuit Junkie

Once upon a time–ok if we’re being honest– most of my life, I was a jumpsuit skeptic. I tried wearing jumpsuits, but I was uncomfortable when it came time to go to the bathroom. Taking the entire suit down left me feeling too exposed. I chalked jumpsuits up to one of those impractical fashion fads-they simply were not for me.

In recent years, however, jumpsuits have become “the thing.” I knew I had to try them again, so I went in search of a jumpsuit to love. I found several. Of course if you know me and how I love to shop, it’s not surprising that I found a bunch. But, as I was turning around in the 3 way mirror in the dressing room, I must have had a funny look on my face because the sales person asked me what was wrong. Embarrassed, I confessed that I really didn’t like wearing jumpsuits because I felt 1/2 naked when I went to the bathroom.

In response, she said, oh, I just wear a tank top underneath my jumpsuit and that fixes it. My mouth dropped open. Duh, I thought, but of course in all of the wisdom that has been given to me in my 56 years on the planet, it never occurred to me to just put a tank top on underneath the jumpsuit.

I bought the jumpsuit and gave it a try. Before I knew it, I was a jumpsuit junkie. I have quite a few jumpsuits because now, almost every time I wear a jumpsuit, I wear a tank underneath and I feel great. I love how easy they are to throw on and how effortlessly chic they make me look.

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make all the difference. Do you have a favorite jumpsuit? Or game-changing fashion tip to share? Let us know in the comments.

Jumpsuit by Alex Mill.

Jumpsuit by Patagonia.

Priceless: Friends from Dress to Connect (check out the group here). Royal blue jumpsuit, Vince Camuto ( similar styles here). Blush Patent Heels, Sam Edleman (similar style here), Earrings, Konplott (similar styles here).

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