Strike a Pose!

Ah, the joys of modern-day shopping! Gone are the days when we had to rely only upon the salesperson’s word on whether a garment looked good on us. You know, the people whose very compensation depends on selling things to us! Now with dressing room mirrors and our cell phones we can be our own personal stylists.

Picture this: You walk into a fancy department store and spot a gorgeous dress. You head to the nearest dressing room with garment in hand. As you slip into the dress you can hear the angels singing and a ray of light shines down upon you. It looks absolutely fabulous on you. Or does it?

Image by kroshka__nastya on Freepik

These days, I confess, I whip out my trusty cell phone, snap a few selfies from all angles possible and scrutinize every detail while I’m in the store’s dressing room. Sometimes, I even ask a bestie (usually one of my daughters) for a second opinion. It’s so interesting because now that I use this method, I have found that a lot of the clothes that I think are fabulous, just don’t look the same on me when I look at the picture. The camera somehow shows details that I can’t see when I look in the mirror. I have saved substantial sums of money using this method to determine whether I really want to purchase an item.

So what to do when you order online and you don’t have a full length mirror at home in which to prance and preen to make your purchase decision? Here is where a cell phone tripod with remote comes in handy. I bought this Aureday 67 inch model for myself. It is super simple to use and makes taking selfies fun!

Taking it up a notch, you pose like a supermodel, feeling all sorts of fabulous and confident. Now, look at the pictures. If seeing the pictures evokes the same level of fabulousness and confidence you had while posing in your new item, then keep it. If not, return that bad boy and get your money refunded.

Who needs fashion critics when you have yourself and your trusty cell phone? We have the power now to make better decisions on the spot and there’s nothing more liberating than that.

So go ahead and strike a pose, snap that selfie, and bask in your glory. The world is your runway and you are the star of the show.

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